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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Technical_02: Mobility

“Spoon” will have some scenes shot on two cameras simultaneously. Now we need to make a box (something like VT rack) to keep inside two 1000VA UPS’s and two “Wafian” boxes together. Must have mobility on the fly, be weather proof and be in separate parts in case unit A and unit B have to be in different locations on set. Long story short – does anybody know of a “Meccano” set for industrial use? It would be nice to be able to try out different possibilities. Each UPS is about 25kg and the whole system could add up to over 70kg. The two systems must be able to work as one mechanical unit or as two separate units as the need arises. There should be a patch board of some sort mounted on the rack so that somebody tripping over a cable only results in the cable pulling out of the patch board and not all the equipment landing on the floor. The UPS’s should be “direct” and not “in-line” so that we don’t have to worry about generator voltage jumps unless it is over 380V. We will keep you posted.

What we were really wondering is where we can get a military size helicopter to drop the VT operator with the equipment to the ocean for testing purposes and leave him there for a few hours to see if “Wafian” will survive any unsuspected situations on set.

By the way I have not introduced myself – My name is Pavel Orlov, I am the Technical Supervisor for project “Spoon” and System Administrator for “Atomic VFX” company.


  • Just curious, what are the power requirements of the Wafian?

    For example, what type of Opterons are in there (can't seem to find any specs on the website)?

    I see you guys are using some UPS stuff, but just curious what the actualy power draw is.

    Depending on the speed of the dual opterons inside, I may be able to point you to a nice DC/DC power supply and some batteries that could definitely do the trick for you that are most likely more rugged/waterproof than your UPS boxes. As a result, that could go a long way to helping you with the waterproofing issues/mobility/ruggedness.

    For example, can you go with HE-series processors (55W parts vs. the 95W parts)??

    We've been dealing with Opteron power issues and mobility concerns, and might be able to help you out with what you're going through.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:33 PM  

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