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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Many new capture tools for Prospect HD (and soon Wafian HR-1)

We have kept you guys waiting so long for all these enhancements, but as promised, the new Prospect HD is now available (check you email for the beta download.) Originally we planned to roll these features out one at a time, yet the Wafian delivery schedule really helped push these items along. The new capture features include:

  • 24p extraction from JVC HD100 60p analog outputs (normal 24p capture mode.)

  • 24p extraction from 60i HDSDI (from Canon XL H1 -- I know you are working with the HD100, yet we only have one of those between Wafian and CineForm, we just happen to have two Canon XL H1s -- so this used of a lot of testing.)

  • 48p extraction from JVC HD100 (great 2X slowmotion in the 24p shoot mode.)

  • 60p to 24p automatic capture option (for 2.5X slowmotion -- no post processing required.)

  • Real-time 180 degree image rotation on capture when using a 35mm lens adaptor.

  • Five new quality modes, including one optimized for Chroma Keying.

  • In my next post I will explain the key features in more detail, plus where items can be enhanced with your feedback.


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