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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We were using premiere 1.5 for some time even when Cineform insisted we upgrade to V2 for best performance with Cineform RAW. We began testing Pro 2 with a demo version and have just upgraded. The test results were varied and there are definately issues with the entire work flow. But nothing that will actually get in our way and as we settle in I think most should dissapear or we'll find a work around.

The biggest problems overall seem to be caused by large projects which produce a memory bottleneck. Also there appear to be some issues with Premiere and other apps on the PC. For example. If mid way through an edit you browse your folders in explorer and and play source files in media player (we use media player classic but all players produce the same result) after a while premiere will slow down. A lot. I waited 12 minutes once for it to resolve whatever it was doing. It seems to be a page file swap but there is no indication in the tasks that memory is used up or low. My project could be consuming between 150MB and 700MB and the same could happen. This may be caused by XP but I don't think so. Memmory is being swapped somewhere but no ones telling. In task manager everything is just fine!!

Aside from that we have had a fairly solid test phase with an average of around 3 crashes a day in premiere. The file recovery has worked very well and we have only really lost data due to network issues and other areas of our worlkflow that we are tweaking. It would be nice if the edit software was less memory intensive. Right now we plan only to edit groups of scenes (2-3) at a time and then assemble those seperately. There seems little chance of assembling an entire film on one timeline and while that seems silly, with hundreds of hours of source footage we might be thankful of that fact.

Once we get into the thick of editing I am sure there will be more to comment on but right now we are only just getting going and we have many other workflow issues which are giving us bigger headaches - like network media sharing and serving.


The lenses used on Spoon were 16mm Zeiss prime Ultra II and some canon zooms. Primes are highly recommended as there is clearly a difference. Our zooms were also soft a lot of the time when we shot wide shots but we managed to resolve this with settings and stop and also Silicon Imaging has updated the software which has made other changes which have improved the sharpness and clarity of the image a lot. We have also used 35mm lenses and they are fine.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Finally we are getting post under control. I know there have been many questions in the past few months on many forums. It has been difficult to keep all the wheels turning when there is so much work to be done but finally the systems are comming together and we can begin manage our time better. I would like our team to be able to manage the process the best way possible and to this end I have created this thread for questions.

The Idea is to Post questions about anything on Spoon in this thread as a comment. We will place responses in the content we upload and make sure we inlcude answers (should we have them) elswhere or in the body of content. This way we can ensure that we know about what people are interested in. Also feel free to let those on other forums know that we would like to centralise this process for efficiency. All questions welcome. Please try not to use this thread for discussion. This "questions list" does not preclude creation of and discussion in any other discussion threads.

Thank you all for your continuing support and interest.