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Saturday, July 15, 2006

See what can be done

I have gotten some requests for more and more behind the scenes clips. Silicon Imaging have posted some of the greenscreen shots we've done on their site, so check it out. For today I have a selection of awesome clips...

Grant with Glyde Cam

Our Director of Photography using a glyde cam. The camera being just the head and the LCD and the monitor actually was so light we had to add a little weight to the arm. We have used this for quite a few shots and I'm sure you can see why. The system is perfect, his got great movement and the head is small and versatile.


Allright here we have some FX. Start off with one of our bad guys breaking a car window, it looks super. The art department had to actually then make a hole in the middle of that already broken window which was fragile and could actually fall out any second. Buit they did it so well done. After that he have Jason Cope firing off an AK-47, looks pretty real.

Sunel on trolley

You've seen photo's of this but now take a look at it in action.

Here the latest starts. We wanted to do an underwater shot and we got it in the end. The biggest problem was that we we working with non-standard camera's and wires. Having worked with them before we approached One8Six, suppliers of camera, grip and video equipment. These guys are amazing. They modified a Hydroflex for us so we could get the cables in to the heads without obviously letting the water in. The make was perfect first time round. We tested it right after they finished making the modifications and not a single drop was let in. Also the shoot at the pool was great and the footage we got was awesome. We shot some in 30p just to get that little slo-motion feeling together with the strange ambiance of being under water and it worked great. Hope you enjoy the clips...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Behind the scenes II

Here are some more clips from behind the scenes.

This clip will give you a good look at what the camera looks like. This is NOT the full body version, which is a bit bigger with the drives attached. Still, we are using this head on wire for almost all our filming. You can see in the second part of the clip with Grant just how nice and light the camera is. He is easily holding it up and able to move it around smooth and effortlessly.

Bungee rigs and Slide

We posted a picture of these bungee rigs previously, now take a look at them. The rigs, built by Alfie gave a nice handheld feel to the shots. The last part of the clip is a rig we built for a slow high angle 'track' to close-up on the car window, it worked great.

Two camera's on one dolly

This is one of our out-door shooting days, luckily we had nice weather. Here you can see why it's so nice to have just the head of the camera's: it's light-weight, and it's a lot smaller. Thus enabling us to put both heads on this one dolly and covering a wide and close shot in one take.

Cable Stunt

A little stunt we did at the power station. Can't give away WHY he is moving through the air. In the second part of the clip we strapped Shaheen into the same harness and pulled him back to get a POV shot of the action.