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Friday, June 09, 2006

Heads and Grips

Hi all,

Another turn around day and I have a spare 10 seconds. Spoke to Silicon imaging this week and I saw some posts on DVINFO about Steadycam. We are using a glydecam. More acurrately Grant Appleton is using his Glidecam. Thanks Grant. Grant is the DOP on spoon and has been a real trooper on the project. Here is a picture of him on set doing one of many glidecam shots. Some people expressed concern about the use of the head and wire on a rig like this but so far it's been working pretty well. It's light enough and still get you great shots without the more expensive rigs. When he has a moent (like in 10 years) he might give us an update. He's been threatening to do so for a while but there is just so little time at the moment.

Here's a shot of Alfie, our key grip, pushing Sunel on a trolley we found on hanging behind her but nothing more cumbersome than the usual video take off cable used on film sets - and our small location. Worked out beatifully. There is a 16 core network cable batteries last 4 hours on the head and monitor. The big ones last almost a day.

Here is a pic of Alfie's bungy rigs. These worked well for alot of hand held feeling shots where operators had to roll a lot.

We did this stunt where Michael Dooley is thrown against the wall "can't say how". Here he is in the stunt rig set up by Anton Moon. And then we mounted Shaheen in the rig to get another POV style shot from the rig.

Another advantage to lighter smaller heads. Both Heads on one dolly here. And the ride is still smooth as ever.

Hand held or should I say Palm held. Grant on the head only.

Here is the head only on the Jib Arm. This was quite a good solutions for tricky moves. The arm gives you range and control made easier by the lighter head and good gripping.

That's all for now. Mpeg's of on set to follow soon.


  • Thanks for all the shots, its great to see how this camera system is being used in a real production. As an cameraman I would love to hear from Grant and the other operators about their feelings on working with this camera. What were the bad or anoying things with these SI units (as well as the good/fantastic)? I know they are a bit busy at the moment but maybe when it's all wrapped. cheers Rohan

    By Blogger Rohan, at 4:54 PM  

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