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Monday, May 29, 2006

Shooting in Progress!

Hello everyone.

I tried putting a bunch of footage on the blog last week on my day off only to run out of time. This time I will go one clip at a time so that you can at least see something if I run out again.

The shoot is going extremely well. Thanks to everyone who has made it so. This format is turning out to be ideal for our comic strip style film. The look is unique falling between film and video. It is soft yet clear - video without the video edging we all hate. The beauty shots are great - the make-up reads better than other hd formats (it's more like film).

We had some issues shooting flashes (camera flashes). The rolling shutter is a bit complicated with rapid change like that- some times you get a great flash other times it's more of a half frame flash.

We've shot varying conditions. The darker areas are holding up but there is nothing to beat this camera in good light. I will try and give two clips today at least - one with school yard bench scene in strong light and a darker industrial shot.

Despite the fact that these camera heads are prototypes they are working really well. We had some static build up issues (at least i think that's what they were) first when I booted up the second camera head after transportation and again when shooting Daniel's soaked apartment. These sort themselves out when ground is properly done and when the head "settles down".

We've shot close on 40 hours of footage (probably too much but to have the coverage is great). Both close personal performance stuff and a fair bit of action. Both are great. The action stuff has a really unique real feeling while remaing very filmic (not videolike).

We've shot a lot with zooms for efficiency but the fast 16mm primes are the way to go if you have time. Much more light and hence data gets through.

Andrew, in response to your qestion we have been using the head on cable mostly. They are light and fast to work with. Also we follow the action on the big monitors at the "film recorder/video take off station". When we need a roaming shot we will go for the full self sufficient camera but it's rarely needed and the extra weight is a detractor. Even though it weighs much the same a s a film cam there are advantages to the head only system. We can more easily mount two cameras to a dolly and cover wide and tight angles on the same action in one go for example. Recording on wire also gives you the choice to go filmscan 2 on the recorder as we are using wafian hadware. the wafian hardware gives us redundancy of our data and faster processors for higher data rates should you need them. Mostly we record filmscan 1 because there is little difference in quality but quite a bit in size. Jeff at wafian can advise on what hardware he supplied us. Otherwise Pavel can tell you. Note that Jason says there are laptops that should habdle the recording too. The coolest thing about working this way is the choice. You can use whater arrangment of gear that suites your shot. I expect a lot of innovation around this flexibility in the comming year because I for one will never give up that choice if I can help it.

Clips will follow now....


  • The response to the footage is all Aces!

    I am curious abou the flash settings, were you running 1/48sec exposure?

    By Anonymous Ari Presler, at 10:03 AM  

  • Thanks for the info about keeping it mostly on head, and now that you mention it I remember you were going to use the wafian... and the footage looks great!

    I can't wait to shoot something on this camera.

    By Blogger Andrew J Wahlquist, at 9:09 PM  

  • It is a Glidecam and not Glyde Cam.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:08 PM  

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