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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Hi Everybody

Okay, okay... sorry for the delayed response. We've really had our heads down. You can see some of the questions I was going through with other users of the jvc HD 100camera at a blog here

David I'm not 100% sure of the best way for us to make our shots available so I'm just going to post a test here and we can see if this works for everybody.

These are night/ rain/ ext. tests that we captured directly to the wafian box and captured at cineform. They're very rough but give an idea of what we're doing. Some details:

We shot loose comparative tests with a sony 750 hd camera with its standard lens and then on the jvc HD 100 with the ps teknik mini-35 adaptor so that we had some kind of standard, HD video reference point.

The jvc cam footage was captured directly to cineform using the wafain box. We weren't able to capture the the sony 750 directly to the box because of time constraints (we did get it working afterwards, so we can confirm that the box does work with a sony 750). As a result the sony 750 versions of the scenes went to HD tape first, and were then captured with cineform.

All the footage was then compressed to windows media 9. As you'll see, all the jvc cam stuff is soft - that is because we were ideally hoping to be able to sharpen it afterwards and shot with detail off on the camera. However we couldn't sharpen it nicely with any of the post tools that we have. Our subsequent testing with the detail setting to normal has given a sharp image that we're happy with. We have however noticed that when we shoot with detail setting on normal, we get some strange compression artifacts when we capture direct to cineform - i understand that andre has notified you of this and you guys are trying to work out what it could be.

Basically we either need to be able to shoot with detail on and capture okay, or come up with a way to sharpen the image either in post or while it is being compressed. I seem to recall that the box crashed 2 or 3 times while we were working, but never during an actual capture, and the crashes didn't require a hardware restart, only a software one so they didn't cause us any real problems.

Sitting on set capturing the box was great. One really gets the sense that this is the future of filmmaking. Can't wait for the touch screen and other features on the wafian box to get up and running.

Let me know if there are any problems accessing the files.



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