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Friday, January 20, 2006

Monitoring cineform HD for Filmout

This is a tricky one.

We have already spent a great deal of time with issues relating to filmout. Every time we think we are close to understanding it we get shot down. Sometiimme by reality, other time the smoke and mirrors that seems to engulf this topic.

We want to monitor our HD signal for two key purposes.

1. Live Capture on set to our wafian (if we don't calibrate our monitor here we stand to loose data we may not htink we need when monitoring the Video feed but which for filmout is essential - am I right in understanding this?)
2. For post and final filmout files.

We have hadexperience with the second option but all of that was with 10bit log film images within combustion whoch has look up table options.

A we understand it we need to get the entire production line conformed to a standard set of calibrations which - when printed to film are consistant. Then where LUT's are an available toolset, (like in combustion) we need to create our own LUT that allows us to monitor an output that emulates as close as possible what is on screen.

If anyone can assist us with ghetting the stup proces sright it would be greatly appreciated.



  • Simon,

    It is not that big of an issue. As you are capturnig from an HD source, you are running ITU.709 curves for capture, preview and edit. If you stay in standard HD 709, you can complete your effects and color correction work using the regular HD-SDI output to a calibrated HD monitor, WITHOUT applying curves. For your film-out, either tell the film house that you have use HD curves (this is how Dust to Glory was done) or load each final AVI reel into AE pro and convert the image to Cineon curves, which any film-out house can handle.

    David Newman
    CTO, CineForm

    By Blogger David, at 2:22 PM  

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